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If you’re a bibliophile like the rest of us here at We Are Not a Shop, you’ve probably always dreamed of constructing your very own personal reading nook from an early age, a place decorated with all your favourite things where you can escape from the world and into the pages of some ancient tome or riveting paperback.

We’re here to tell you that it’s actually not that difficult to create one! Here are some things to take into consideration when transforming your space into a bookworm’s fantasy.


While it’s great that some individuals find it more productive to stand while doing their reading and/or writing (Ernest Hemingway famously typed at a makeshift standing desk), some of us prefer to sit comfortably snug in a cosy armchair or bed wrapped in blankets and surrounded by plump cushions. You could even incorporate a hammock and be gently swayed as you relax. Make sure it’s not too comfortable, though, or you might fall asleep!


You’re going to want some form of lighting in your habitat so as not to strain your eyes while reading. At the same time, however, garish lighting could completely destroy the soothing ambience you worked so hard to create. Opting for warm as opposed to bright lighting will allow you to read in perfect comfort. Twinkle lights can add an element of magic to any surrounding, while trusty candles create an air of sophistication (as well as a pleasant aroma if you opt for fragrant ones).


Who said you can’t have a beverage handy when you’re halfway through a good book? A quaint decorative table is all you’ll need to construct a small refreshment station for tea, coffee, or whatever else you fancy. Place all of your drinking accoutrements on it and make a statement at the same time! It’s always a pleasure to have something prepared in case a guest drops by.


In a world choking with pollution of all kinds, it’s important to make your living space a haven of health. It’s best if your reading nook is in a room that has at least one window (which you can decorate with some curtains and stunning cords) so that you aren’t constantly breathing the same air. Throw that window open and add a scent diffuser to clean all that negative energy out. It’s also a great idea to get some air-cleaning plants, though if you’re not the best with greenery, some artificial flowers could go a long way in making your reading room look like an enchanted outdoor hideaway.


It’s becoming a well-known scientific fact that we shouldn’t keep any technological items in areas where we rest. It’s suggested that we should stop looking at television screens and mobiles about an hour before going to bed, as the kind of light these devices emit can affect our REM cycles, preventing us from falling into a truly beneficial sleep.

What’s more, it’s said that such devices emit ultrasonic waves that can further prevent our brains from shutting down after a long day’s work, so avoid having them in close proximity. In the case of your reading nook, you probably won’t get much reading done if you’re constantly checking your phone every time a new notification comes in! Smuggle them away out of sight in a small container somewhere.


Style is subjective, and at the end of the day, it’s your reading nook, so it makes sense that you should decorate it according to how you see fit and with those things you have a close attachment to. Store your personal curios in a glass cabinet for visitors to marvel at, and create a gallery wall lined with beautiful art that speaks to the artist in you.


Of course, what kind of reading nook would it be without material to read? If you’re an avid book collector, put up some ornate shelves that’ll speak for themselves as objects of beauty and gradually add your favourite books to your personal library. Depending on whether you’re the sort of person to loan books or hoard them all for yourself (we’re not judging!), a wall of books makes for a very sophisticated look and makes the owner seem especially cultured.

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