Tortoiseshell Pince Nez In Matching Case

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Fabulous, fun and highly fashionable pince nez. Back in fashion and ideal for those of us pretending to ourselves that we don’t need glasses! Our great and once again highly fashionable ‘petit pince-nez’ come with a smart faux tortoiseshell case, both made from acetate and just the right size to fit inside a pocket or handbag

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Not only do they ‘look the part’, but with PC lens of 2.0 strength, they are great for completing crosswords, reading miniscule writing on restaurant menus, or trying to look intelligent! Pince nez were prevalent in Europe during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries and unlike most styles, they stay firmly in place by resting on the bridge of the nose, hence the derivation of the French for ‘nose’ and ‘to pinch’ W:10cm x D:5cm x H:4cm

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