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French expat and interior design lover Catherine Wicker has a keen eye for detail and the finer things in life. Today, we’re chatting to her about her top We Are Not a Shop pick!

Hey Catherine! We’re so glad you decided to sit down with us for a chat. Could you tell us about some of your favourite items from We Are Not a Shop?

For starters, these earrings are absolutely delightful. Elegant and unique – you don’t find earrings like these everywhere.

Bumblebee brilliance.

We Are Not a Shop is also my go-to spot when I am hunting for greeting cards in Malta. They have a wonderful variety of original ones, perfect for any occasion.

Traditional beauty and timeless design. This paper fan greeting card sits atop an intricate Venetian drawnwork lace handkerchief.

I truly love the whole buying experience at We Are Not a Shop. There’s such a fantastic mixture of chic, vintage items and more contemporary pieces (like this stunning necklace, for instance). You can’t go wrong.

I like my eggs hanging from my neck and covered in precious gems. How about you?

Great choices! You mentioned you’ve purchased items from We Are Not a Shop before, so what do you like about shopping here? 

Well, why wouldn’t you want to shop here?! All the proceeds go to charity, and their pieces are carefully selected and provide great value for your money. It’s an all-round satisfying experience for everyone.

Together with the Autumn Flowers & Leaves Cushion in the background, Catherine selected an aloe vera and grapefruit hand sanitiser gel from Stephen Cordina. Support local and stay safe – win win!

Have you selected any of your items with someone specific in mind?

A few, definitely. I can completely imagine myself reading the ‘Gathering of the Little Rabbit’ to my grandchildren, or gifting any one of these lovely cards to a friend or loved one.

Emma Thomson’s Felicity Wishes Sparkling Sticker Book provides the perfect entertainment for you…we mean your grandchildren, of course.
Some of the charming greeting cards selected by Catherine (Turning into My Mother and Cloud-Watching Rabbits), along with a white ceramic oval bowl with a pink-eared rabbit standing guard.

And I would probably pick this fan for myself. Summer in Malta is definitely on the warmer side (to say the least!), so you can never have enough fans. And this one is simply gorgeous!

Fan your worries away, in style.

Finally, which item would you most like to receive as a gift?

Ah, I couldn’t possibly choose! Can I have all of them? I’ve actually already bought this tea towel – I couldn’t resist it. And I may have also purchased this greeting card and given it to a friend of mine… what can I say? I did pick them after all!

Showing a charcoal sketch by Jean Bartholomew, this is an original greeting card for any occasion.
Your everyday kitchen essential, but cuter.

Thanks for chatting to us, Catherine!

Fancy a browse? Check out the We Are Not a Shop website here.

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