To Cut A Long Story Short By Jeffrey Archer

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Fourteen stories in To Cut a Long Story Short follow in the tradition of Jeffrey Archer’s storytelling

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Pre-owned but unread. An elderly man who doesn’t know which of his relations to leave his fortune to, declares himself bankrupt to find out who really cares about him – only to be surprised by the results. A man listens in on a conversation on a crossed line, which changes his whole life. A South African, a long-standing believer in apartheid, has a change of heart. A criminal who wants the police to catch him so he can live off his ill-gotten gains. Two old friends find themselves on opposite sides in a murder case. A Henry Moore statue disappears and reappears in a different form. A study of seven men, each of whom believes he should have the job of the man immediately above him. First Edition. Slight tanning to pages. Paperback. Published by Harper Collins, 2000

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