Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume By Silvena Rowe With Foreword By Heston Blumenthal

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Silvena Rowe invites you on a journey through Oriental Mediterranean history, sampling some of the best kept secrets of the culinary world along the way. The olive, rosemary and basil of the west are here combined with the exotic spices of the east, for a contemporary cuisine of surprising lightness and variety – proof, if proof were needed, that there is more to the Mediterranean than just Italy and France. This is food for healthy living, food for celebrating and, above all, food for sharing. Silvena Rowe gives her own modern twist to the classic recipes of a rich tradition, following in the footsteps of the great Ottoman chefs, who combined the sweet and the sour, the fresh and the dried, the honey and cinnamon, saffron and sumac, scented rose and orange flower waters. Hardcover. Published by Hutchinson 2010

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