Tottering – By – Gently Annual By Annie Tempest

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Reminiscent of the childhood annuals found in Christmas stockings, but this one is for grown-ups. The Tottering-by-Gently Annual is a fun-filled collection of comic strips, cartoons, puzzles and games featuring the characters from Tottering-by-Gently. Traditionally an annual is a bumper collection of stories / comic strips / features / games, puzzles plus things to make and do – and the Tottering-by-Gently Annual i has all of the above and more

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Tottering-by-Gently is a village in the fictional county of North Pimmshire, where Lord and Lady Tottering (Dicky and Daffy) live in the fading grandeur of their ancestral home, Tottering Hall. Daffy Tottering is a woman of a certain age who has been taken into the hearts of people all over the world. She reflects the problems facing women in their everyday life and is completely at one with herself while reflecting on inter-generational tensions and the differing perspectives of men and women, as well as dieting, aging, gardening, fashion, food, field sports, convention and much more. This ‘annual for adults’ is packed with comic strips, cartoons, recipes, puzzles and games featuring the characters from Tottering-by-Gently – Daffy and Dicky Tottering, their daughter Serena and grandchildren, Freddy and Daisy, along with the daily, Mrs Shagpile, not forgetting the dogs, Slobber and Scribble. Through this cast of characters, Annie Tempest casts her gimlet eye over the stuff of life, revealing truths around universal themes such as family, relationships, dieting, ageing, gardening and the different perspectives of men and women. First Edition. Hardcover. Published by Frances Lincoln Ltd 2010

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