Isobel’s Son By M. J. Knox

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Isobel Gabriel leaves a letter for her son, Tom, to be read one month after her death. Her revelations take Tom back in time and throw into turmoil his settled life as a committed and respected GP. Isobel’s long-held secret affects Tom’s strained relationship with his uncommunicative sister, Sarah and brings a new understanding of his cold and homophobic, late father, Edward. Discovering more about the woman he had only ever known as his mother, compels Tom to embark upon a quest. Supported by his partner, Alex and with unforeseen hurdles to overcome, Tom goes in search of the missing pieces to the jigsaw puzzle of his life

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This first novel by M J Knox is a tender and poignant story of love and loss, of discovery and redemption, amidst the intricacies of family relationships. Tom Gabriel’s life-changing journey takes us from leafy Warwickshire to the wide expanses of the beguiling North Norfolk coast. Paperback. Published by TWQ 2013