The Scandaroon By Henry Williamson

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Scandaroons are a variety of homing pigeon. The name derives from Iskanderun, a seaport in Syria, called after Alexander the Great, so the bird of this title carries a noble tradition. The story is set in rural Devon shortly after WW I.
During that war, pigeons carried messages from outposts to home base. They probably looked for a peaceful retirement, but their ancient enemies, the falcons and hawks, had other ideas. Thus the story is about conflicts within nature and their reverberations in man.

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Hardcover with unclipped dust jacket – no tears and some very light marking. Page 101 has a very small (5mm) tear at the top of the page and the top part of the page is folded back, but no material is missing. What appears to be two initials are written in pencil at the top left of the first page (AZ/KM). Published by Macdonald 1972

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