Three Piece Thorn And Herb Stripping Set

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Aiming for no more pricked or tired fingers? So many of us love receiving roses, but dread the thorns which can be part of the more old-fashioned varieties. And then, of course, there’s the task of stripping herbs. This set gives you the choice of how to strip the thorns, along with a herb stripper. The metal stripper is sturdy, with a spring to return to the open position after use. Simply run it down the stem to remove thorns and leaves. The same applies to the silicone leaf stripper circles, which can also be used to hold prickly stems and protect the fingers. In everyday use in many florist shops. The herb stripper is simple to use. Metal thorn stripper L:14 x W:3.5. Round silicone D:13. Herb stripper L:12 x W:13cm

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