The Fall Of The Seleukid Empire (187–75 BC) – Book 3 Of 3 In The Seleukid Empire Series – Tracing The Tumultuous Last Century Of Their Empire By John D Grainger

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The concluding part of John D Grainger’s history of the Seleukids traces the tumultuous last century of their empire

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In this period it was riven by dynastic disputes, secessions and rebellions, the religiously-inspired insurrection of the Jewish Maccabees, civil war and external invasion from Egypt in the West and the Parthians in the East. By the 80s BC, the empire was disintegrating, internally fractured and squeezed by the converging expansionist powers of Rome and Parthia. This is a fittingly, dramatic and colourful conclusion to John Grainger’s masterful account of this once-mighty empire. Hardback. Published by Pen & Sword Books Ltd 2015

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