The Dilemma By Jenny Pitman

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Young widow Jan Hardy is a successful racehorse trainer, an independent, determined woman working alone in a predominantly male world. After the death of her husband, her priority has been to provide for her two young children. But the world of horseracing is a precarious one, often rife with treachery and corruption. Betrayed by a family of owners, Jan loses seven horses, and finds herself in a desperate situation. So when Gary West, an Australian billionaire, asks her to find and train eight premium National Hunt horses – it seems too good to be true. But just as things are looking up, Gary`s massive, multi-faced business empire is running into trouble, and he is becoming increasingly elusive

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In the midst of this compelling tale is the story of a woman`s yearning for emotional support and a chance to secure stability for her family. Eddie Sullivan might be the man she needs, but he too has a past to deal with and Jan must perhaps face the most painful dilemma of her life… Hardcover. Published by Macmillan 2003

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