Seahenge . A Contemporary Chronicle By Matthew Champion

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The discovery of a four thousand year old timber circle amid the sand and peat of the windswept North Norfolk coast was probably one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the twentieth century; it was certainly one of the most controversial. The circle, quickly dubbed ‘Seahenge’ by the world’s media, became the focus for a long, and at times bitter, public debate that caught the imagination of all who came into contact with it

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Pre – Owned. This book chronicles the entire story; from the initial discovery, through the arguements and debates, to the final controversial excavation and reconstruction by Channel 4’s Time Team. Alongside this, ‘Seahenge – a contemporary chronicle’ also examines the archaeological evidence and modern reconstruction of the circle. What was the monument originally for and who were the people who worked long and hard to build it? This book aims to open up the debate and, for the first time, give the public access to the evidence. In the end the only true judge is history. As new. Softcover. Published by Barnwell’s Print Ltd May 2000

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