Marcus Sieff On Management: The Marks And Spencer Way

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This work offers a summary of the book “Management: The Marks & Spencer Way”. In business, in management and in life, a winning philosophy consists of 4 key factors: good relationships, commitment to quality and improvement, a spirit of cooperation and support for worthwhile community projects. No government in history makes money by itself: every penny is people-dependent. Despite its ups and downs in recent years, Marks & Spencer has stayed a power on the high street, and one of its hallmarks is customer service: M&S has a people-centric philosophy

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Hardcover with dust jacket. Marcus Sieff analyses how good businesses create excellent interpersonal relationships, and divides his recommendations into 10 themes. He explains, for example, how to grow whilst keeping the goodwill of suppliers, customers and employees. He suggests how and why to delegate appropriate responsibility to appropriate levels. Above all, do not put profit first and people second: if you put people first the profit will come automatically. Sieff illustrates his already-persuasive argument with examples to back up his case: Volvo in the 1970s was besieged by high absenteeism. Management redesigned the factory into groups; each group chose its own foreman and a team spirit was fostered. The scheme was a success.
This is a book based on commonsense and backed up with excellent theoretical and concrete examples. Published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1990

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