History’s Greatest Missing Treasures: Volume 1 By Mark Rodger

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Lost Treasure – these words evoke a familiar and exciting tingle in all of us. Some people imagine pirate chests, overflowing with gold coins and secretly buried on tropical sandy shores. Others think of jewels, priceless artwork or ancient sculptures that have been hidden away and are waiting to be discovered again. No matter what we think of, there is some special emotion that comes with the idea of finding treasure, and the prospect of instant and fabulous wealth suddenly changing our lives. Compared to the dream of winning a lottery, discovering a secret stash of gold just feels more exhilarating, isn’t that true? Throughout history there have been many priceless artifacts and treasures that have been lost to us, and some may yet be found again. Somewhere, a museum’s stolen art collection valued at over $500 million is still hidden, the ancient library of a Russian Tsar is buried waiting to be read again and priceless Japanese sword taken during the closing days of the Second World War is still the subject of a world-wide search. Are they still out there? Come along on a journey to explore some of history’s greatest and most valuable lost treasures, discover their stories, how they vanished from the world and where and how they might be found again. Softcover. Published July 2020

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