FIRST EDITION: Forgotten Voices Of The Second World War : A New History Of World War Two In The Words Of The Men And Women Who Were There By Max Arthur

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The Imperial War Museum holds a vast archive of interviews with soldiers, sailors, airmen and civilians of most nationalities who saw action during WW2. As in the highly acclaimed ‘Forgotten Voices of the Great War’, Max Arthur and his team of researchers will spend hundreds of hours digging deep into this unique archive, uncovering tapes, many of which have not been listened to since they were created in the early 1970s. The result will be the first complete aural history of the war. We hear at first from British, German and Commonwealth soldiers and civilians

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Pre-owned. Accounts of the impact of the U. S. involvement after Pearl Harbour and the major effects that had on the war in Europe and the Far East is chronicled in startling detail, including compelling interviews from U. S. and British troops who fought against the Japanese. Continuing through from D-Day, to the Rhine Crossing and the dropping of the Atom Bomb in August 1945, this book is a unique testimony to one of the world’s most dreadful conflicts. One of the hallmarks of Max Arthur’s work is the way he involves those left behind on the home front as well as those working in factories or essential services. Their voices will not be neglected. Bound in black cloth with silver titles. With a pictorial dust jacket. Hardcover. Published by Ebury Press 2004. Weight 777g

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