First Edition: CALM– Photographs Of The Coast By Harry Cory Wright

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Amazing photographs of the North Norfolk coast, for lovers of the big open skies, beaches, marshes and sand dunes. ‘The first big tide for weeks has covered the top of the marsh. It’s very still and after the recent dry weather the tide has lifted all the dust and dirt off the sea purslane and is now carrying it in frothy bubbles on the surface; it is eddying round the side of the boast and getting caught on the tops of the reeds. There’s still some mist around and I can just see the windmill, the woods and the hills inland.’ (Introductory paragraph of three) Softcover. Published by Saltwater Books Limited 2003. In large format H:37.5 x W:29.75cm

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Born in 1963, Harry Cory Wright is an artist and leading landscape photographer. His work is concerned with the fundamental sense of place and is highly collectible