An Encyclopaedia Of Artists With A Malta Connection – Compiled And Written By Albert Ganado And Antonio Espinosa Rodriguez

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Unlike other countries, Malta has never had a proper dictionary of artists who in one way or another have been involved in the island’s scenario. The impellent need of a comprehensive biography and description of works by those artists has long been felt…. It was decided to include in the encyclopaedia not only painters and draughtsmen, but also engravers and lithographers, not only sculptors but also craftsmen, not only established artists and professionals but also amateurs. In one way or another they all played their part, whether large or small, in their particular field, even perhaps marginally…. Nationality was of no consequence, so all Maltese and foreign artists have been included

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However, the work is limited to artists who have passed away. Architects, unless directly relevant to this opus, are not included as they would merit a separate specialised biographical encyclopaedia….This is essentially a book of reference and not a coffee table item. Consequently, not a single work of art listed in the encyclopaedia has been illustrated. However, as the point of reference is mainly biographical, we have sought out portraits of some artists. This is a most welcome and fascinating source of reference, with over 2,240 entries. From the First Print in 2018. Unused and in ‘mint’ condition. Donated in support of the Save The Valletta Skyline Appeal. Hardcover. Published by Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti 2018