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Jo Caruana is the founder and CEO of the PR and content agency, Finesse Group, as well as an actor, presenter, and fierce environmental advocate. She’s also one of our biggest supporters! Today, we’re chatting to her about her favourite We Are Not A Shop items. Read on to find out what she selected from our online store!

Jo, it’s so lovely to have you with us. Could you tell us what made you select your items today?

Of course, thank you for having me! I’d say, fundamentally, a sense of nostalgia drew me to most of my pieces. Everything at We Are Not A Shop is very clearly chosen with love, so you can find things that you connect to on a different level and that is so special.

Which leads me to my first item; my mother grew up reading the Bunty books for girls and had a few editions that I would flick through at home. This copy was released in the year I was born (extra nostalgia points there!). It’s interesting going through the stories now and seeing how they hold up (or don’t) in a modern context – always nice to reflect and see how far we’ve come.

Here’s another sentimental one! When I was younger, I absolutely loved Enid Blyton (I credit her for my love of reading and writing), so I simply had to grab this first edition copy of The Ship of Adventure. It also has a little message written on the inside cover from whoever gifted it in the 1950s! It’s quite magical to have a connection to the person who previously owned this book and carry on that story.

Then, I picked this practical Stephen Cordina hand sanitizer because, considering the circumstances, you can never have too much sanitizer. But jokes aside, Stephen Cordina is undoubtedly one of my favourite local brands. The range and the quality of products on offer is simply unmatched and never disappoints. I also love that this product was created in response to the pandemic – talk about pivoting and adapting to your surroundings!

Finally, I chose this handmade wrapping paper because the texture reminded me of my wedding invitations – we didn’t actually end up using them (COVID had other plans) but it all worked out regardless. I think you can elevate any gift if you wrap it with some extra care and this quality wrapping paper will allow you to do just that.

Great picks, Jo! Did you choose any items with someone specific in mind?

I had my mother in mind when I selected the Bunty book that’s for sure!

I also have a friend who’d really appreciate receiving this fun card, so I picked it for them. We Are Not A Shop have the kinds of cards that you just don’t find anywhere else, which is why they are always my go-to.

We know this is a tough one, but do you have a favourite item?

Considering that I began my career as a writer, I’m going to have to give this one to the first edition Enid Blyton book.

Well, that’s fair enough! Now, how would you personally describe We Are Not A Shop to someone who doesn’t know about it?

In short, absolutely incredible. It’s one of the most unique shopping concepts in the world. Where else can you purchase high-quality products and know that the proceeds are all going charity? And frankly, it’s the best place to buy gifts. If you’re after something sweet and thoughtful, We Are Not A Shop is the online store for you.

Finally, would you recommend We Are Not A Shop to a friend?

Always – there is nowhere better. All the items are so original and can be delivered super speedily around the world, and straight to your door in Malta. There’s nothing not to like, so get shopping!

Finesse Group is currently working on their first Writing Course, which is set to be released in the New Year. In the meantime, why not join the Finesse Writers’ Club? Find out more here.

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