Vintage Embroidered French Ball Notebook With Pencil And Tassel – Circa 1950s

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Charming vintage notebook from the 1950s is a real treasure for lovers of the elegance of yesteryear. Featuring an exquisite black embroidery cover, it features delicate pink and purple flowers with their green foliage, creating an enchanting floral pattern. The blank pages inside provide ample space for taking notes, writing poems or letters, or sketching. It has a practical format that makes it easy to carry with you everywhere – and is a true testimony to the craftsmanship of the period. Every detail of the embroidery has been done with care and attention to detail, adding a touch of sophistication to this unique object. It comes with its original pencil (lead required) with black tassel. In good condition considering its age, the embroidery is well preserved. It has a little wear to the two bottom corners of the notebook (see images), but the interior pages are clean and smudge-free, ready to use for all your creative inspiration. Metal frame is slightly distressed and scuffed through use. Weight 44grams. H:11 x W:7cm.

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