TWO COLLECTORS’ EDITIONS FOR CHILDREN. The River Of Adventure – FIRST EDITION 1955 And The Sea Of Adventure – SECOND PRINT EDITION 1949 By Enid Blyton

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Awaken the child in you or ‘lend’ them to the real children in your life! A lovely pair of antiquarian books, from the world-renowned and much-loved children’s author, Enid Blyton. They are two of a series of eight ‘Adventure’ books produced from the mid-1940s to the mid-1950s. Both books are published by Macmillan & Co and have copious illustrations by Stuart Tresilian. Enid Blyton 1897 – 1968

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Set of two books measuring 14 cm/5.5″ x 20 cm/7.9″ – provided and valued by an accredited dealer. Book 1: The River of Adventure by Enid Blyton 1955 1st Edition. The eighth and final book in the Adventure series, which have now become real collectors’ items. This has its original dust jacket, which although slightly worn around the edges, is intact. It is a First Edition, produced in 1955 – the owner has written her name and address on the title page, but apart from a ’10’ inside the cover, and evidence of a gummed star being removed, there are no other markings. The cover is very slightly warped, but there is no foxing, and the book has 277 pages. Published by Macmillan and Co 1955. Book 2: Classic Enid Blyton ‘Sea of Adventure’ 1949 2nd Print Edition. The fourth book in the popular Adventure Series, this has no dust jacket, and is a Second Print Edition, being produced in 1949. There is a dedication inside the front cover, but no other damage or markings. There is no foxing, no warping, and the book has 321 pages. Published by Macmillan and Co 1949