Treasures Of Malta No. 47 Easter 2010 Vol. XVI Issue 2 – Paul Xuereb

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Treasures of Malta is a magazine of art and culture that is issued three times a year and deals with heritage ‘in the widest sense of the word’. The magazine features a variety of articles that encompass all aspects of the visual arts, antiquities, history, auctions, exhibitions, cultural events and much more

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CONTENTS: La Sfessania ‘Quel ballo a la Maltese’ – Anna Borg Cardona has discovered the existence in the 16th century of a dance said to be of Maltese origin, a dance illustrated in etchings of the great French artist Jacques Callot and she writes of the possible relationship to other dances popular at the time; Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum; The Restoration of St Cathaldus Chapel, Rabat; In search of ancient ramparts of Rabat, Gozo; From the Albert Ganado Collection; A Saint’s promise retrieved and restored; Fra Carlo Valdina and his house in Valletta; Jean-Jacques Barthélemy and his ‘Malta-instructions’ for Jean Hoüel; Arabic Erotic Literature and Malta Fāris Al-Shidyāq’s Novel; The Care of Photographic Material; Giuseppe Bonnici’s drawing extant in Malta of a Macchina de’ Fuochi; Heritage Malta Exhibitions; Bookshelf; Letters to the Editor; A clarification Inclusion: Copy of The Maltese Speronara carrying passengers and goods from Gozo to Malta by Giovanni Schranz 1794 – 1882. With acknowledgement to, and published by, Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti

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