The Ultimate Recover And Revitalise Kit

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For those mornings, days or evenings when you need a little boost and refresh, an assortment of essential tools to help you recover and revitalise. In zipped black gauze bag, perfect for the bag or car. Contents:
Stephen Cordina Aloe Vera Grapefruit Pocket Hand Sanitiser – keep safe and clean, whilst smelling delicious
Handbag sized set of six bright mini nail files – for those snagged moments
Malta Chocolate Factory Cocoa Butter Berry Lip Moisturiser – over enthusiastic celebrating?
Tic Tac Mints – to ensure a fresh taste in your mouth
Set of assorted size and colour safety pins – for those moments when everything seems to be slipping out of control
Tweezers in a tube – for, heaven forbid, suddenly discovered previously unseen hairs; or when rootling for fishbones
Black hair tie back – cool yourself down and show off that beautiful profile with a tie designed not to break hair
Eye wash – for smoky atmospheres or ‘the morning after’ bloodshot eyes
Two Aqua Protect clear plasters – just in case
Tube of Lemon and Ginger Tea – working non stop, partying hard or just simply needing a break, the lemon is set to refresh, with ginger known to soothe unhappy tummies

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