The Sword And The Boudoir – Amorous Deeds And Misdeeds Of The Knights Of Malta By Thomas Freller

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The Knights of the Order of St John did not live in a political, social, cultural and private vacuum. As human beings they had personal needs which sometimes clashed with their vows of celibacy taken on becoming professed members of the Order

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This book does not intend to discredit this illustrious Order of St John and its members. It does not aim at sensational discoveries, nor is it just a list of salacious scandals of concubinage or ‘forbidden’ relationships. The cases dealt with in this highly researched study are presented in a wider context of contemporary social, political, religious and cultural history in order to understand the milieu of such phenomena. A history of concubinage and mistresses in the Order of St John is also a most fascinating social history of Catholic Europe and Malta in Early Modern Times. Maltese Social Studies Series No. 27. Hardcover. Published by Midsea Books Ltd 2018