The Great Siege Of Malta: The Epic Battle Between The Ottoman Empire And The Knights Of St John By Bruce Ware Allen

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In the Spring of 1565 a massive fleet of Ottoman ships descended on Malta, a small island centrally located between North Africa and Sicily, home and headquarters of the crusading Knights of St John and their charismatic grand master, Jean de Valette. The Knights had been expelled from Rhodes by the Ottoman sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, and now stood as the last bastion against a Muslim invasion of Sicily, Southern Italy, and beyond. The siege force of Turks, Arabs and Barbary corsairs from across the Muslim world outnumbered the defenders of Malta many times over, and its arrival began a long, hot summer of bloody, desperate combat for this pivotal point in the Mediterranean

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Bruce Ware Allen’s The Great Siege of Malta describes the siege’s geopolitical context, explains its strategies and tactics, and reveals how the all-too-human personalities of both Muslim and Christian leaders shaped the course of events. Drawing on copious research and new source material, The Great Siege of Malta is a fresh, vivid retelling of one of the most famous battles of the early modern world – a battle whose repercussions are still felt today. Softcover. Published by ForeEdge 2017