Society Small Talk Or What To Say And When To Say It By A Member Of The Aristocracy. Second Edition – circa 1878

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The author gives advice on the dos and don’ts of social etiquette from around the 1880s. ‘The aim of this little work is to place before the public in a light, sketchy manner, suggestions for making Society Small-Talk. Hints have therefore been given in these pages as to What should be said under certain circumstances, and What should not be said, and how that in making agreeable small-talk it is not necessary to strain after originality, but rather to treat an every-day topic in such a way that original ideas, original remarks, and therefor original small-talk must sooner or later be evolved from it’

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Pre-owned. This has been illustrated as far as possible by fragmentary dialogues, treating of a variety of subjects applicable to the situation of the moment. To those who are silent when in society, not because they consider that though speech is silver, silence is golden, but because they have no ready change in the way of silver at command, the present work will, it is hoped, commend itself, and be of some little service at all society gatherings and in general society. No dust jacket. Brown cloth cover in good condition and still fairly bright. There is a previous owner’s signature on the first page in ink dated 1943. A price (£15) and the initials(?) MN are written in pencil on the second page at top right. The initials(?) BAX and the number 1187 written in pencil at top left of inside penultimate page. A little light foxing. Binding a little loose and the front hinge slightly cracked. Hardcover. Published by Frederick Warne & Co., London. Undated but estimated to be around 1878

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