She Talks Venus, He Talks Mars (Tottering-By-Gently) By Annie Tempest

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Two front covers, two books in one…upside down or downside up, this is the gift book for everyone in your life. She Talks Venus… He Talks Mars is for those just tying the knot or those celebrating their diamond jubilee; read, laugh and come to a better understanding of yourself (and your other half). You may be from different planets but you can learn each other’s language

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She (Daffy Tottering) talks Venus… and He (Dicky Tottering) talks Mars… and they rub along together in the fading splendour of Tottering Hall, North Pimmshire. This hilarious volume brings crashing together Daffy Tottering’s unique perspective on the male sex – with particular reference to long-suffering husband Dicky – and also presents from the opposite perspective, Dicky’s viewpoint on the fairer sex. Together Dicky and Daffy face the perennial problems of couples everywhere and Annie Tempest’s cartoons offer wonderfully witty insights and observations into why men and women behave as they do. Choose to read from Daffy’s perspective… or turn the book the other way up and read from Dicky’s point of view. Hardcover. Published by Francis Lincoln Ltd 2011

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