Set Of Three Maltese Cross Cookie Cutters – Small, Medium And Extra Large

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A set of these great biscuit / cookie cutters for those who don’t just ‘bake’, but really, really bake – in quantities! 3D printed cutters, biodegradable and food safe, these were designed for use during baking. However, they are certainly also used by craftspeople e.g. to cut a wide variety of other materials, including but not limited to, play dough, polymer clay, wet paper, various food items, sugar icing and fondant, wax, etc. Please note, 3D printed cutters are usually somewhat less sharp than their metal counterparts. Included in the set: 1 x Extra Small (D:4.5cm) + 1 x Medium (D:7.5cm) + 1 x Extra Large (D:12.5cm)

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