Set Of Five Animal Tea Infusers – Pale Pink Kitten, Pale Grey Hippo, Light Green Owl, Pink And Yellow Platypus or Grey Beaver

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Boxed set of five fun multicoloured silicone tea infusers for loose tea leaves, enabling everyone to choose their own blend at the same time, whether strong ‘Builders Tea’, aromatic Earl Grey, relaxing herbal teas etc. Pop the coarsely ground leaves in the bottom of the infuser, hang over the edge of your favourite cup or mug and pour in the hot water Something for all the family to enjoy – but try to avoid arguments about who has which animal – pale pink kitten, pale grey hippo, light green owl, pink and yellow platypus or grey beaver – and perhaps choose your own first! Food-safe approved and BPA free silicone. Won’t rust, discolour or add an unpleasant taste to your tea. Dishwasher safe

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