Safety Last – The Dangers Of Commercial Aviation

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The author of this eye-opening expose is a scheduled jet airline captain, as well as a fighter pilot in the US Airforce Reserve, with twenty years of professional flying experience. Writing from the point of view of a pilot, he covers every aspect of commercial aviation and brings the reader to the conclusion that it is a much more perilous means of transportation than is generally suspected. Most of the material in this book has never been touched upon in any previous book on air safety: how poorly equipped most airports are; how airlines write their own safety regulations and then succeed in evading even those requirements; what happens on the flight deck; and the dangers inherent in even the most routing shuttle flights

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Pre-owned. The author examines crash investigations, he takes you on spine-tingling reconstructions of disasters you may have well heard about, and he reveals the often shocking truth of what really went wrong as opposed to what you may have read in the newspapers. Small inscription in pencil at the top left of the first page. Some very slight tears and minor scuffs to the dust jacket. A clean tight copy in very good condition. With dust jacket. Hardcover. Published by Millington 1974. Weight 470g

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