Reminiscences By General Douglas MacArthur – 1964

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Written in his own hand and finished only weeks before his death, this memoir by Gen. Douglas MacArthur spans more than half a century of modern history. His vantage point at center stage during the major controversies of the twentieth century afforded him unique views of the conflicts in which he played a vital role. No soldier in recent times has been more admired—or reviled. Liberator of the Philippines, shogun of occupied Japan, victor of the battle of Inchon, the general was a national hero when suddenly relieved of his duties by President Truman in 1950. His supporters believe his genius for command and skill as a strategist stand as landmarks in military history. His critics are not so kind, calling him a gigantic ego paying homage to himself in this book. Regardless, Reminiscences is a moving final testament by one of America’s most decorated heroes, decade by decade, battlefield by battlefield. Richly illustrated throughout

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Pre-owned. After graduation from West Point with the highest average ever achieved by a cadet, MacArthur served in Vera Cruz during the Mexican uprisings and later in World War I. His courage in the trenches and his leadership of the famous Rainbow Division won him seven Silver Stars. Appointed Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in the Pacific in World War II, he was the architect of the campaign to drive the Japanese from their strongholds at Bataan, Corregidor, and New Guinea. His account of the war is dramatically punctuated with revealing portraits of key personalities and insights into his stands on controversial issues. Book in very good condition. Dust jacket in very good condition other than one tiny (0.5cm) tear and some very minor wear to edges. Book is signed by original owner.Hardcover. Published by Heinemann 1964

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