Outdoor 35.6foot With 60 LED Solar Powered Mini Fairy Lights – Multi Coloured

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The solar string lights consist of 60 mini LEDs, for a total length of 10.85 m. Built-in 1.2V 600 rechargeable Ni-MH battery operated and comes with a solar panel which can convert solar energy into electric energy and storage in the built-in battery. With advanced solar batteries it can light up even in gloomier weather.. The 8 lights modes recharge with the energy of the sun during the day and turns on automatically after dark. The lighting modes include constant, blinking, quick-flash, slow-flash, wave-flash, romance-flash, half-flash and glitter – just press the “MODE” button on the back of the solar panel to choose your 8 preferred lighting modes. Designed with adjustable solar panel and rechargeable battery, the solar panel storage capacity 600 (based on the intensity of sunlight) gives up to 10 hours working time after becoming fully charged in 4-8 hours under direct sunlight. Easy to install with no tools required.Two switches (Power ON/OFF and Light Mode) to control the light

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Please ensure that the solar panel is placed in direct sunlight for at least 8 hours to fully charge when sunny. It will needs more time to charge on cloudy days. Make sure it’s south-facing and exposed to direct sunlight and placed at a 90°angle to sun at noon. Working time is affected by the weather condition and temperatures: Sunny Days – 8 hours; Cloudy Days – 5 hours; Winter Days – 3 hours