Norfolk Moods By Terence J Burchell

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“Those who are born and bred in Norfolk retain a fierce pride in their county – and the photographs in this book reveal much of the reason for this passion. Simply, Norfolk has one of the most picturesque and, contrary to the mistaken view, varied landscapes in the whole of Britain. It is relatively remote, true, but all this has done is preserve the majority of its rural scenery, its clustered flint-built villages, unique church towers, and windmills – all now little jewels that provide welcome glimpses of the county’s precious heritage at every turn. From the Broads to the Wash, and inland to the nooks and corners of Norfolk, Terence Burchell has sought out scenery we find both satisfyingly familiar and occasionally surprising.
The power of the wide-open landscapes is unmistakable, but look also at the skies in these superb photographs to find another of Norfolk’s great attractions – huge cloudscapes that spread their marvellous and ever-changing canopy over the land beneath. Whether resident or visitor, Norfolk Moods will provide for the reader a handsome reminder of this beautiful county. Hardcover. Published by Devon Books 2004”

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