Music – Just Standards Real Book: E Flat Edition. Edition Fakebook 2001

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Over the last several years, fakebooks have evolved from those ‘under the counter’, unauthorized (and many times illegal) publications to often elaborately produced books that cover a wide range of musical genres. From their inception, fakebooks were designed to provide professional musicians with a cheat – sheet style of arrangement, where they could see the skeletal element of a song in a brief single or half – page format. Songs include: The best is yet to come; Ain’t misbehavin’; Blue moon; Boogie woogie bugle boy; Misty; ‘Swonderful and 244 more!

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Pre – Owned. But these early books were of poor print quality, were often mistake – ridden, and were sometimes filled with questionable song material. In the 1970s the face of one particular fakebook was echoed across the professional music landscape; The Real Book began to change the face of fake book publications. The arrangements were much more clearly presented; the chord symbols, melody lines, and general musical content were just as the working professional musician would play. Size and quality of print was improved and the song selection was extremely appropriate. It set the standard for fakebooks. Only one problem, it was still an unauthorized publiation. Thus the stage was set for the music publishing world to develop and produce professional quality legal facebooks. This book was designed to be an indispensable resource, with every effort made to provide the best song material; the best arrangements; and the finest quality of print. Softcover. Spiral bound. Excellent condition. Published by Warner Bros. Publications, 2001

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