Magic Gel Sticky Jelly Laptop Computer Dust Remover

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Flexible Soft Glue (but not ‘glue’ as we know it!) The ultimate high-tech re-usable cleaning compound that catches dirt and kills germs on computer keyboards, mobile phones, TV remotes, telephones, mouse, game consoles, car air vents and anything else you can think of. Reusable over and over again until the compound turns non-transparent. Comes in an air-tight, re-sealable ZIP bag for safe and convenient storage. Weight 24g H:15 x W:15 x D:3cm in rubber gel

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Safely cleans your home and office high-tech equipment and absorbs dirt and dust in awkward cavities. PLEASE NOTE – this putty cleaner may leave small amounts of residue when applying to your keyboard. This will not cause any potential issues and a pipe cleaner or cotton bud can be used to remove any leftover gel. For best results lightly apply the cleaner on to your keyboard and leave for a few minutes to reach behind the keyset. Then gently lift the putty as a whole, off the keyboard. Warning: Not suitable for children under 5 years and for use under adult supervision

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