Lest We Forget: Royal Air Force And Commonwealth Air Forces Servicemen Lost In The Defence Of Malta

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In 1992, at the time of the unveiling of the Siege Bell Memorial in Valletta, Malta, a ‘Book of Remembrance’ was compiled to honour the memory of over 7,000 civilians and servicemen who died in the defence of the Island. This book, which covers the period between 10th June, 1940, the day Italy entered the War, and 13th May, 1943, the day the Axis Forces surrendered in North Africa, is kept at the nearby War Museum. Another book ‘Malta: Defiant and Triumphant’ contains the same names. Since the compilation of both books many additional names have been researched and are now also included therein. The Royal Air Force and Commonwealth Air Forces ‘Rolls of Honour’, originally compiled for these books, have been updated further and now contain the names of all known RAF and Commonwealth Air Forces casualties, both aircrew and ground personnel, up to the end of hostilities in Europe

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The compiler of these books is John Agius MBE of the National War Museum Association, who for many years has, with the help of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Registers and other books and correspondence, prepared these ‘Rolls of Honour’. It is inevitable that omissions or errors appear in works of this kind, and we are always ready to accept any corrections. Softcover. Published by Malta Aviation Museum Foundation Valletta 1999

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