Indoor / Outdoor 21.9m Long, With 200 LED Battery And Solar Powered Fairy Lights Plus Solar Panel – Multi Coloured

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Great for the garden, patio and balcony as well as for inside your house or apartment. Canopus Solar LED String Light is a multipurpose, eco-friendly decorative unit equipped with high-efficiency solar panels to light up 200 LEDs which can be run for hours. With a 360-degree bright light, the string illuminates evenly. The wire is durable as well as bendable, making it easy to shape and decorate as you please. This easy-to-install fixture can be safely used at home and in commercial spaces and comes with 8 modes with memory function. The controller is designed to remember the last setting after cutting off from power

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Please ensure that the solar panel is placed in direct sunlight for at least 8 hours to fully charge when sunny. It will needs more time to charge on cloudy days. Make sure it’s south-facing and exposed to direct sunlight and placed at a 90°angle to sun at noon; Working time is affected by the weather condition and temperatures: Sunny Days – 8 hours; Cloudy Days – 5 hours; Winter Days – 3 hours