FIREPOWER By Bruce Quarrie

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Firepower, by definition the ability of a weapon to cause destruction, was once a simple matter of slings and arrows, then of gunpowder, muskets and cannon. During the 20th century the destructiveness of individual weapons and weapons systems increased to the point where man is now capable of destroying not just his enemies but all life on the planet. This book examines modern battlefield technology in all its forms, from intercontinental ballistic missiles and French Pluton enhanced radiation tactical weapons to the immensely destructive and accurate anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons carried by infantrymen

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Pre-owned. Weapons systems are grouped into categories, a detailed examination of one serving as an example for others: thus the 120mm rifled gun of the US M1 Abrams tank is compared to the British Challenger gun, the smooth-bore weapons of the same calibre on the German Leopard II, the MIAI and the most recent Russian tanks. With armed conflicts so prominent in the news, Firepower is a book everyone interested in current affairs should read. Dust jacket slightly tanned. Hardcover. Published by Quantum 2003. Weight 756g

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