Cranks Fast Food By Nadine Abensur

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Eating a variety of vegetables and fruit is vital to good health, but too many people still think of vegetarian cooking as a time-consuming affair of soaked pulses and brown rice. This book will change that perception forever. Nadine Abensur shows how to cook modern food, fast. No apology is necessary for the absence of fish and meat. There are recipes for all occasions, from speedy mid-week suppers to feasts for friends, all focused on vegetables and all achievable in around 15-20 minutes. Cranks Fast Food is full of surprises, with recipes for tarts and pies, fritters and salsas, roasts and casseroles alongside more obvious fast fare such as soups, stir-fries and snack meals. All the recipes are absolutely in tune with today’s lighter, healthier style of eating, simply delicious food for vitality and health. Softcover. Published by Phoenix October 2001

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