Bud Box Fairy Flower Garden

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Grow your own Fairy Flowers with this fun home easy to use DIY kit, including Rainbow Livingstone Daisies, Marigolds, Calendulas and Sweet Peas
The box contains:
1 x Fairy ID Card (we have 4 different Fairy ID cards, each with their own personality, one will be included randomly) This will be your garden fairy.
1 x Pkt Seeds
1 x Set of Instructions
1 x Coir (soil) pellet – (a peat free way of getting your seeds off to the best start (being peat free they are better for the environment and your plants). These grow within minutes of water being added to them
A wooden planting stick to push the seeds down with precision
NB Container not included, giving you the option of choosing the size, according to where you’re going to place it

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