Biggles In The Antarctic By Captain W.E. Johns

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I don’t mind reasonable risks, but I draw the line at suicide on the off chance of gold – which may or may not be there. And I don’t think you quite realise what sort of place the Antarctic is.’ So says Biggles, but he can’t resist the challenge. He heads off to the Antarctic in search of the Starry Crown and its treasure. Biggles is prepared for the treacherous climate and the shifting floes. But he hadn’t expected to run into a band of crooks who would stop at nothing in their hunt for the gold

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Captain Johns served as a pilot in WWI, and during a raid over Mannheim his plane was shot down and he was wounded. Captured by the Germans, he later escaped before being reincarcerated, where he remained until the war ended Pre-owned. Book is tight and in good condition with no tears or bumps, but the book has a little tanning and darkening on the page edges. Paperback. Published by Armada 1970

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