A Delivery of Furies By Victor Canning

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Keith Marchant, ex-RAF Squadron Leader, liked living dangerously. For five years he had knocked around South America doing risky, though often profitable, jobs for Barrau, a shady Spanish merchant. After returning wounded from a particularly bad trip which hadn’t paid off, the attractive Drea, with whom he is in love, threatens to leave him unless he agrees to give up his mad escapades. Yet he is determined to have one last fling to recoup before settling down to respectability. Barrau suggests he undertakes a daring mission to pirate the delivery of six Hawker Sea Furies and divert them to from the Government forces to Angelo Libertad, the revolutionary leader on the island of Cordillo. At first Keith refuses. But $50,000 is a lot of money. Enough to make a fresh start

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Pre-owned. In very good condition. Dust jacket in good shape with no tears, but a little bleaching to the spine area. Hardcover. Published by The Companion Book Club, London 1962

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