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Local designer Yana Azzopardi is the creative powerhouse behind Yana’s Jewellery. Since opening its doors back in 2012, the brand has launched three separate outlets and has grown to become one of Malta’s favourites for custom-made jewellery. Today, Yana’s taken the time out of her busy schedule to chat to us about her favourite We Are Not A Shop picks. Spoiler – she really does love jewellery.

Yana, we’re so pleased you could join us. Can you talk us through some of your favourite We Are Not A Shop pieces?

Of course. But before we get started, I have to say it’s probably no surprise that I’m obsessed with accessories, but it’s about to become even more obvious…

The first thing that caught my eye was this clutch bag. It’s a neutral colour so you can style it with anything, and I have the perfect earrings to pair it with.

Then, I thought these bangles were gorgeous. They remind me of Morocco (one of my favourite places), and I just love everything about them; the noises they make, the feel of them, and the mother of pearl detail, too!

I also thought this scarf was super cool. It’s another versatile piece that I can see myself wearing with a bunch of different outfits. It would also make a great Christmas gift because it’s appropriate for all ages.

I feel like this small wrist bag was made for me because I’m constantly losing things and could use a handy piece like this to keep everything in one place. I think my mum would also appreciate it as a gift, so maybe I’ll have to surprise her with it.

Then, I spotted this fun bag – another classic staple. You can take it on holiday, to the beach, or use it to jazz up any outfit.

Everyone needs a good clutch bag in their wardrobe, and I happen to have a few weddings coming up so this will certainly come in handy.

Finally, I always like to have a tote bag with me just in case I need to do a spot of shopping. They’re so convenient. They’re also great for carrying drinks to dinner parties or for getting gifts safely to a Christmas lunch!

Did you pick any items with someone specific in mind?

Not really. I added whatever caught my eye to my cart! That’s generally how I shop; I pick stuff I know I would love to receive myself, and then distribute accordingly. It does mean that I tend to want to keep everything though…

We know this is a tough question, but do you have a favourite item?

I think the bangles are my favourite. I wear a lot of jewellery, so…

How would you describe We Are Not A Shop to someone who doesn’t know about it?

It’s a charity-based online store with approachable online content, stylish products, and a varied selection of items. Plus, it’s all for a good cause!

Now, what do you like about the We Are Not A Shop concept?

I think it’s super interesting and unique – I don’t know of anything similar on the island!

I only found out about it recently, but I’ll definitely be back soon.

Would you recommend We Are Not A Shop to a friend?

Of course. Especially with Christmas around the corner; I’ll spread the word!

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