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You may well recognise Tina Mifsud as the young artist behind the exhibitions ‘Plajja’ and ‘Point of You’. However, besides being one of the islands’ most in-demand artists of the moment, she’s also found her way into the world of accessories: creating customisable jewellery for her brand, Tina’s Treasures, and functional belt pouches for Fold.

With a clear artistic vision and a strong eye for detail, we figured that Tina would be the perfect person to chat to about all things We Are Not A Shop. Read on to discover what she selected from our online store!

Tina, we’re so happy you could join us! So, let’s get started. What drew you to the items you selected today?

Firstly, I was instantly attracted to the Collectors’ Corner because of its wide range of antique and vintage pieces. All the items are so gorgeous and intricate – you just don’t find things like that nowadays.

I’m also really into my jewellery and am a sucker for a pop of colour, which is why I picked this chunky vintage yellow necklace. It’s a great statement piece that you can dress up or down to complete any outfit. I’d probably style it with some white and blue clothes/accessories – one of my favourite colour combos, especially as we round off the summer.

Then, I picked this poster because I’m doing up a property and have been on the hunt for the sort of quirky pieces that really make a home a home. I’m a fan of pop culture, the 60s, and frankly, anything retro, so this funky poster instantly caught my eye. And it has ‘Espagna’ written on it, so it felt like a sign. For context: I lived in Barcelona for a while, and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. Hence the sign…

Also, you can always find me sporting some gold jewellery, so these earrings were right up my street. The coloured crystal detail makes them extra special, too – the perfect accessory for a fancy occasion.

As an artist, I’ve always been fascinated by the Maltese landscape. Our rock formations, layered limestone, and salt pans are all so unique. In fact, limestone is going to feature quite heavily in my next exhibition, which is why I chose this book. Malta’s textures are such a prominent part of who and what we are that it’s hard not to draw inspiration from them.

Finally, this scent bottle is absolutely beautiful – I particularly love the metal detailing because the craftsmanship is so impressive. It also feels like something out of the 1920s and I can’t help but imagine the story behind it. Who owned this? Where has it been? That’s part of the magic of discovering these rare pieces, isn’t it? They have so much history.

Those are some great choices, Tina. Did you pick any of them with someone specific in mind?

Well, I’m very close to my sister and we bond over our shared appreciation of jewellery, so I can definitely see her sporting this necklace and earring combo.

Then, this small pill box instantly reminded me of my grandmother. Growing up, I specifically remember she had a different pill box for every day of the week, all with varying intricate designs. I definitely picked it with her in mind.

I also think my dad would be thrilled to receive this book as a gift. He works in real estate so he’s always looking out for new interior design trends.

We know this is a tough decision, but do you have a favourite item?

I’d have to say the earrings. They’re classy, valuable, and real gold– you can’t go wrong!

We couldn’t agree more. Could you tell us what you enjoyed most about your We Are Not A Shop experience?

I found the whole experience to be very personal. It’s clear all the items are very carefully selected and chosen with love, which is so rare. Everything is great quality, too, and it’s all for a good cause which makes it 10 times better.

Finally, would you recommend We Are Not A Shop to a friend?

Of course, 100 percent! I’ll be back soon myself…

Thank you for joining us, Tina! And good luck decorating your new home, we can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Tina is currently working on two exhibitions: the collaborative, all-female exhibition CURRENT/S II, which you can check out at Studio 104 St Lucia Street, Valletta, and her upcoming solo exhibition scheduled for next September.

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