Women I’ve Dressed And Undressed By Arnold Scaarsi

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A premier American fashion designer shares his intimate experiences with famous women from the past half century including Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, and Barbara Bush; describing how their personalities, preferences, and belief systems impacted his designs and the larger fashion arena. See Reviews below. Hardcover. Published by Scribner 2004

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REVIEWS: Liz Smith: He who must be obeyed — designer Arnold Scaasi — is the warmhearted, super- talented, demanding, and temperamental genius who can create a dress right on your very body and make you look like a million bucks. He has done this for me many times and he is my closest claim to personal glamour. I would trust him with my life — and certainly with my hemline. What a treat that he has dropped the veil to tell ‘all’ about the celebrated females he has helped to make celebrated. Publisher’s Weekly: A name-dropping romp though high society. His memoir is, at heart, gossip for the celebrity-obsessed. Dominick Dunne: Arnold Scaasi, who seems to have dressed just about every famous woman in society, the jet set, the theater, the movies, etc., is also a born storyteller, and a witty one at that. He is very much a fixture in the world of people – who – go – out – every – night, and his stories of great ladies of that world are hilarious and touching. His book is a passing parade of style and social history at its best., The New York Times: A dishy recollection of [Scaasi’s] experiences gussying up some of the most glamorous women on the planet

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