Wok Recipe Book To Make Cooking Simpler: Ultimate Cookbook With The Best Wok Recipes By Nancy Silverman

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Do you have a busy lifestyle and no time for cooking? Do you want to explore new flavors? If you can relate to this, then you really need this Wok Recipe Cookbook. As soon as you have it in your hands, you will see that cooking with a wok is too simple and straightforward. It will allow you to prepare tasty and healthy meals in no time

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This Wok Recipe Cookbook will change the way you think about cooking. You no longer need to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare a decent meal. This cookbook will show you how to cook a complete meal in a very short time. Recipes include: Juicy garlic and sesame chicken; Spic beef and broccoli; Chinese cashew chicken; Italian stir fry; Orange garlic shrimp; and many others. Softcover. Independently published January 2021. Weight 162g

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