Wish Me Luck – The Complete Third Series – DVD – PG

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From the makers of Tenko the third and final series of WISH ME LUCK, first broadcast in 1990, opens in May 1944 and sees the brave agents of the ‘Outfit’ inextricably involved in the fate of the Maquis-held Le Crest plateau in the foothills of the French Alps.

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Radio operator Emily Whitbread (Jane Snowden – Gaudy Night) arrives at the Le Crest plateau with a new friend, Nicole Dissard (Felicity Montagu – I’m Alan Partridge), and is soon reunited with her former lover Luc Ferrier and seasoned agent Kit Vanston. Kit is working closely with local resistance leader Jean Renard. After sending out two more agents to Le Crest – Lewis Lake and Virginia Mitchell now head of the Outfit, outlines to Kit and Renard her superiors’ plans for an uprising on the plateau.