Vintage Set Of Three Trifari Stacking Bangles – Collector’s Piece – Black, Brown And Grey – Circa 1970s

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Trio of bracelets which can be worn on individually, or together – grey, brown and black enamel within gold tone metal. Trifari was established by Italian Gustavo Trifari, Leo Krussman and Carl Fishel in 1925. The company began by creating jewellery for actors in Hollywood, which raised the profile of the brand. It also capitalised on the increase in interest in costume jewellery, which came about during the Great Depression, when women couldn’t afford expensive fine jewellery. D:6.5cm

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When renowned French jewellery designer Alfred Philippe (formerly at Van Cleef and Arpels) brought his expertise to the table, Trifari was transformed. Philippe remained at Trifari until his retirement in 1968 and it’s largely due to his ideas and vision that Trifari became a household name with pieces that are still collectable today. Philippe brought techniques that he had developed for his previous company, such as the use of invisible settings for gemstones. These new techniques made Trifari jewellery distinguished and unique and they remain of great interest to collectors

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