Vintage, Round And Beautiful Decoupage Tray – Dark Green With Parkland Flowers And Buds – Circa 1990s

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A truly beautiful lightweight metal tray handcrafted in London and originally purchased from a prestigious House & Garden Exhibition. In dark olive green with a Magnolia bud, a Peony flower and bud, plus what appears to be a delicate Hydrangea flower (apologies for our limited horticultural knowledge!). With carrying handles and until now this stunning tray had been used as display only; therefore, it is in very good condition with only a very small area on the inside rim where the olive green paint has come away, showing the lighter green base. Miniscule chip to paint finish on upper rim and more on bottom (as shown in images), all of which are reflected in the price and none of which detract from the attractiveness of this unique tray H:5 x D:45.5cm

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