Uturunkusuyo Peru: Parques Nacionales Y Otras Areas De Conservacion Ecologica El Territorio Del Jaguar (The Territory Of The Jaguar) By Barbara D’Achille

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SPANISH TEXT. The work brings together an important series of journalistic articles about the conservation units, the flora and the fauna located in the High Forest and the Low Forest. This compilation establishes a line of continuity with the previous volume, both covering the vast territory of Peru. It also disseminates writings from various specialists that complement and update Bárbara’s texts, among which are those of Dr. Fernando Cabieses Molina, on Ayahuasca and Coca; by Dr. Federico Kauffmann Doig, on the iconographic motifs of the ruins of Gran Pajatén and others. Each of the articles is a wake-up call, a warning voice to stop the crazy spiral of destruction unleashed by man. Banco Latino 1950. Beautiful photographs

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Pre-owned. Card attached to frontispiece reads ‘Ing. Alberto Pandolfi Arbul. President of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Energy. Peru’. Condition good. Dustjacket slightly marked due to storage, with tear at top of back fold. Hardcover. Published by Peisa, Lima, Peru 1996

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