Treasures Of Malta – No. 73, Christmas 2018, Vol. XXV No 1

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Treasures of Malta is a magazine of art and culture that is issued three times a year and deals with heritage ‘in the widest sense of the word’. The magazine features a variety of articles that encompass all aspects of the visual arts, antiquities, history, auctions, exhibitions, cultural events and much more

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Contents: Music and the Illuminated Book in Malta; Leandro Preziosi: Pioneer Photographer in Malta and his connections with Istanbul; Massimiliano Soldani Benzi’s Medallions from Grand Master Vilhena: Gifts of gratitude from the Florentine sculptor; Waltzing through a Golden Era of Ballet: Princess Nathalie Poutiatine and her ‘Russian ballet’ productions (1930-1939); Melitensia Curios; Willie Apap (1918-1970): Spirituality in his art; My Favourite Object; Luigi Caruana’s Connections with Malta. Softcover. Donated by FPM

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